Artistís Statement

Thank you to all my art patrons and fans! 2015 is a year filled with new collections & ideas....Keep on exploring all the galleries & read the inspirations.

Art Statement

My art reveals the key to my secret garden, a looking glass, a kaleidoscope of infinite ideas and creations. 

Transforming sketches into finished works of art always struck me as being magical. Over the years, this process has filled me with a sense of pride and accomplishment and it has proven a most amenable vehicle for transforming my inner vision into a palpable reality.

Currently I am working on a charcoal series. Inspired by a recent trip through several villages of Gujarat, India, I chose the natural medium, charcoal, to represent their world. As I travelled from one humble village to another, I paused to capture a first-hand glimpse into these simple yet beautiful lives.

I am a multicultural blend, growing up in Belgium, now living in New York, USA ---my roots are still in India. Globally inspired--by the traditional European art (I have a MA in Fine Arts from the Royal Academy of Arts, Belgium), I am exposed to the contemporary US art movements --but I still crave my heritage. 

My art speaks for itself -there are multi-faceted ways to look at it... but the message is simple ----beauty is embodied all around us...feel it with your heart.


CURRENTLY ALL ARTWORKS' PROCEEDS GO 100% TO CHARITY.  For more information visit the 'About the Artist' page.


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