1995: Bachelor's Degree from prestigious Royal Academy of Fin Arts - Antwerp, Belgium

1997: Master degree from Royal Academy of Arts, Belguim


1997: "Student of the year" from Royal Art Academy

1998: "V.R.I.K.A." Nationl Arts Award (Begluim)

My goal is to have a movement "ART FOR A CAUSE". All the net proceeds from the works on the website will support charities 100%. This means costs incurred for framing, shipping, and materials are deducted from proceeds before giving to charity. Charities supported until now(through sold works):

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Shreya Mehta is an award-winning fine artist who explores, in her vibrant and varied works, the social issues of identity, gender, power and spirituality. Her art has been exhibited at the Indian Consulate in New York and in the collection of Prime Minister Modi. Born in India, raised and trained in Belgium, and now living and working in New York, Mehta brings a global perspective and a gentle, positive touch to all her endeavors. She creates both representational and abstract works thus defying categorization through constant, energetic change and an inquisitive nature.

Classically trained and digitally competent, Mehta is ever folding new skills into her command of more tested mediums. Mehta works in charcoal, paint, photo shop and glass, but is only defined by her openness, her curiosity and her creativity. Like her mixed-media toolbox, Mehta grapples with a swirling mix of personal issues universally known to many - the juxtaposition of Eastern and Western cultures; the ever-changing power dynamics in gender roles; the forces of old, traditional ways in a progressive, global world; the challenges for women pulled in many directions.

In her most current show, titled "The Spirit of Shakti" Mehta brings us the face of women´s dynamism. Delving deep into her own experiences and observations on feminine essential beauty and strength, Mehta's work depicts the powerful goddess energy inherent in all women. Inspired by Gandhi's quote, be the change you wish to see in the world, she donates all the proceeds of her artwork to charity. Mehta is represented by Payal Arts International in New York City.